To participate in the North Shore
Young Citizens’ Forum, please apply by December 6, 2018 here

Hey North Shore Millennials and Gen Zs—we see you!

From Deep Cove to Horseshoe Bay, young people like you across the North Shore are contributing to their communities in so many of ways. Maybe you’re studying at Capilano, maybe you’re working at a neighbourhood cafe or you’re an accountant at a North Shore firm, commuting elsewhere for work or volunteering for community projects. Maybe you have a young family with children and want to stay plugged into your community. Unlike the stereotypes about young people being disengaged, we know that you have ideas and the desire to make your community better.

The North Shore is dealing with a wide range of challenges: think public transit and traffic, density and affordability, public space and reconciliation. You should feel equipped to have your voice heard on these issues, but the way that decisions are made in cities can often seem confusing or exclusive. That’s where we we come in.

Early in 2019, we’re launching the North Shore Young Citizens Forum (aka the Forum) to build young citizens’ civic literacy, participation and leadership on the North Shore. In this cohort program, you’ll learn about how cities work, get connected to council members, city staff, and stakeholders in the community, develop collaborative recommendations for how to make engagement better for young people, and advocate for your solutions with local government. You’ll also meet other young people living or working in your community who hold a variety of perspectives and passions.

The program will run from January to April 2019, and you’ll meet with your cohort for bi-weekly sessions (usually on Thursday evenings). You don’t need any civic knowledge to apply. The only criteria is that you live, work or study on the North Shore and be under 40. Our sessions will start with the basics and build from there. By the end of the Forum, though, you’ll be empowered and equipped to make recommendations to local government about how to better engage young people on issues that matter to them. The program is completely free, and there are child care and transportation subsidies available upon request.

Here is the program outline and proposed dates (subject to change):



Session 1: Welcome & Community Building

Session 2: Cities 101

Session 3: Current Civic Engagement Practices

Session 4: Community Planning & Development

Session 5: Ideation & Workshop Day

Session 6: Presentation Prep Day

Session 7: Presentations to City Council/Staff

Session 8: Wrap-Up & Future of the Forum


Thurs, Jan 17 evening

Thurs, Jan 31 evening

Thurs, Feb 7 evening

Thurs, Feb 21 evening

Sat, Mar 2 full-day

Thurs, Mar 7 evening



If you have any questions or accessibility requests, please get in touch with us at Applications are due on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 11:59PM.

To participate in the North Shore Young Citizens’ Forum, please apply here


  1. Who is eligible to apply to participate in the Forum?
    • You should live, work or study on the North Shore to participate in the Forum.
    • You are under the age of 40.
  2. What is the estimated time commitment (per month)?
    • You can expect to spend 8-10 hours a month on work related to the Forum either at meetings or as homework.
  3. What is the value of participating? What’s in it for me?
    • You will gain a better understanding of how cities work.
    • You will learn learn about how citizens can participate in and influence local government policy and decision making.
    • You will have the opportunity to research new ideas and advocate those ideas to municipal councils on the North Shore.
    • You will connect with other young people interested in making a difference on the North Shore
    • You will connect with other local government council members and their staff as well as other key decision-makers/influencers.
  4. What am I expected to have done by the end of the Forum?
    • You will brainstorm, research, develop and advocate recommendations to improve public engagement for younger people on the North Shore.
    • You will have made new connections, perhaps even new friends!
  5. If I have barriers to participate and need support, who should I go to?
    • The program is completely free, and there are child care and transportation subsidies available upon request. For all remaining unanswered questions, including but not limited to accessibility questions, please contact: Please expected a response in 2-3 days.

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